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Painting Services

Get a Professional Look With R&D Painting Services

From beginning to end, R&D ensures your home will be painted to your satisfaction. Prior to starting your project, we will finalize colors and clarify any questions you may have. We will notify you of project duration and provide progress reports throughout. Once our crew has finished, a final inspection will be performed to identify and perform any touch-ups. Our work is backed by a 3-year warranty. R&D Painting will warranty your home against chipping, flaking, peeling or blistering paint.

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What We Can Do For You

Interior Painting
Skip the DIY paint project, and hire a professional. It’s a hassle to paint even a small room of your house due to the many common pitfalls and the conflicts with your busy schedule. We’ll take care of all of all your interior painting projects and give your bedroom, bathroom or other rooms the appearance you’re looking for.
Exterior Painting

We can paint the outside of your house and make it stand out from your neighbors. The outside of your home is exposed to a lot of dirt and growing organisms, so we fully prep the area before diving in. The result is smooth, even, long-lasting color.

Garage Floor Painting
We use materials that will completely adhere to your garage floor with no peeling or chipping. It will protect against deterioration while providing a professional, attractive appearance.
Wood Rot Repair
We have solutions for brittle, crumbly, dark brown wood. This is an important part of your home’s exterior that many painters don’t help with. You can count on R&D to handle any dry rot problem you need fixed.
Other Painting Services
Our other services include power-washing, custom carpentry, sheetrock repair and installation and extended warranty options.