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Wood Rot Repair

Does the wood or trim on the outside of your home look like its darkening or crumbling? It may be dry rot—or wood rot as it’s commonly called. It’s caused by certain fungus that deteriorates timber in buildings and other wooden construction. R&D painting can fix the issue and get the affected area painted in just 2 days.

Are Do-It-Yourself Products Worth the Time?

Signs That Your Wood May Be Dry Rotted and decaying:

  • It takes on a dark, brown or crumbly appearance
  • It is brittle and can be crushed into powder
  • You are able to stick your finger through the wood
  • Your outside walls have an unappealing, flakey look

Simply painting over the issue isn’t solving your problem. R&D Painting eliminates the fungus that causes dry rot by replacing the wood with PVC or planks and then caulking and painting it to match your initial color. You will never experience dry rot in the affected area again.

Why Call R&D Painting for Help with Dry Rot?

  • Not all painting companies can address dry rot issues
  • R&D offers free initial estimates, which include materials, labor, paint matching and a three-year warranty
  • We are fully insured and have references available
  • All jobs start with a free in-home consultation to choose paint colors
  • We have been painting homes in the Triangle since 2005
  • Green products are available

R&D Painting believes in doing the job right the first time around! Call us at (919) 669-6459 to get a free estimate for your dry rot repair.