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Garage Floor Painting In Garner & Raleigh, NC

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Professional Home Garage Floor Painter In The Triangle

Call R&D Painting for residential garage floor painting services in Garner and Raleigh, NC if your garage floor is dull and dirty and just won't look new again no matter what you do. We'll help get your garage floor to shine like that of a professional mechanic.

R And D Garage Floor Painting

Are Do-It-Yourself Products Worth the Time?

You could do the job yourself with garage floor coating from a hardware store, but the results might not be what you expect. Those off-the-shelf products are not designed for long-term use and will likely peel off with your hot tires.

Our Garage Floor Painting Process

  • The coating we put down is only as good as what’s underneath it, so we’ll use chemicals to peel away your old garage floor coating.
  • If your coating cannot be peeled off with chemical treatment, diamond grinding is available.
  • We repaint it with top-of-the-line, industrial-strength coating products.
  • We also paint pool decks, patios and concrete floors.
  • While we’re coating your floor, we can also turn your garage into your custom sports cave. Let us paint a mural of your favorite team on your garage wall!

For an extra fee, R&D Painting will gladly move your items from the garage before starting your paint job.


Is painting a garage floor a good idea?

Painting a garage floor can be smart because it will make the area look nicer and simpler to clean. Additionally, paint can shield the concrete from stains, moisture, and deterioration. But it's crucial to pick the appropriate paint for the job, such as epoxy or latex paint made especially for garage floors. In order to ensure that the paint adheres properly, the surface should be cleaned appropriately and etched. For best results, seeking professional advice or adhering to manufacturer recommendations is best.

How long does it take for a garage floor paint job to dry?

The drying time for a garage floor paint job depends on several things, including the type of paint used, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Typically, most garage floor paints are ready for light foot traffic in about 24 to 48 hours. However, it's advisable to wait 72 hours or more before parking vehicles or placing heavy objects on the surface to allow for complete curing and maximum durability. Always refer to the specific product's instructions and consider environmental conditions for a more accurate drying and curing timeline.

What are the advantages of painting a garage floor?

Painting your concrete garage floor not only improves cleanup and aesthetics but also offers vital property protection. The applied paint acts as insulation, safeguarding against temperature extremes. This protective layer reduces the risk of floor splitting due to temperature variations, ensuring durability and longevity for your garage floor.

What is epoxy for garage floors?

An epoxy treatment involves the thermosetting of resin on the surface of the concrete. This coating is created by combining polyamine hardener and epoxide resin. Because of the hardener ingredients, the mixture provides the necessary strength and durability for epoxy. Garage floor epoxy differs significantly from other latex acrylic materials available. Paint formulations may contain a little amount of epoxy to increase the paint's longevity, but in the end, it is still just paint. There is a significant difference between the results of applying epoxy paints and a full epoxy product on your garage floor.

Call Now For A New Paint Job

Since 2005 R&D Painting has accumulated years of professional painting experience servicing the entire Triangle area.

We know just how important your home is and will treat it like it was our own. Call us at (919) 669-6459  to get a free estimate for garage painting. We also provide full painting services including interior and exterior solutions!

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